Wooden fences require regular staining and painting in order to maximize their lifespan and maintain their appearance and function. In addition to providing a decorative element to your fence, and your home, staining and painting both help wood to resist the damaging forces of nature that seek to shorten the life of your fence. Water and snow can cause rot, which will destroy your fence quickly, and the sun also bleaches stains and paints, causing their color to fade over time. Wood that is left untreated is susceptible to splintering, which can be a safety hazard for children and pets. Regular maintenance, usually once a year, is required to keep your fence in good repair and protect your investment.

There are many options to choose from when looking at stains and paint. Consideration beyond color should be given to weather resistance and the specific application they are intended for. A stain that is adequate for fencing my not be suitable for a deck, for instance. Protecting the wooden elements of your home and yard requires careful consideration. Fences, decks and outdoor furniture may all require staining or painting. Let our experts help you to choose a stain or paint that will deliver style and protection to your home and belongings, as well as expert application.

Huntsville Residential Fencing can also help you with your interior staining and painting. Hardwood floors, walls and other wooden pieces in your home can all be made more beautiful with a fresh application of stain or paint. This will also help to extend their lives, saving money when compared with replacement. Our experts can assist you to quickly transform your home with the minimum of disturbance to your daily routine. Let us help you to make your home look wonderful inside and out and protect your investment with our interior and exterior staining and painting services.