About Us

Huntsville Residential Fencing is built on our four core values: great services, highest standards, a professional team and creative solutions. We guide our work through these values, and by doing so are able to provide our customers with work that exceeds their expectations and provides value for years to come.

Great Services

We offer a variety of services, from a variety of fencing options to interior and exterior painting. We work within our areas of expertise to provide home and business owners with options that will satisfy their needs with quality work that is performed at a price that delivers value.

Highest Standards

We will never say “it’s good enough” about any of the work that we perform for our customers. We always strive to give our best on every job and to complete it in the best possible way. We have built our success on providing work that makes people call us again when they need work done. We want to build success over the long haul, and doing the best work is the only way to accomplish that.

Professional Team

We employ professionals with the expertise and experience to be able to do their work to our high standards. This is also true of the partners that we work with. It is impossible to achieve a high standard without employing workers of a high standard. We seek out and employ only those we trust to comply with our company’s vision and goals.

Creative Solutions

While there are elements to fences that may be repeated often, there are no two jobs that are exactly the same. One of the benefits of an experienced staff is the knowledge that they bring to every job and the ability to find a solution to whatever problem may present itself.

As well, we work with every client to find the best solution for them, and their particular needs, so that it may be called a custom-built fence. We work with each customer to find the exact fence that they desire.

Our Previous Work

Listed below are a few of our previous projects: